jeudi 13 août 2015

Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity

Interprète: Queensrÿche
Titre: Silent Lucidity
Année: 1991
Palmarès: #8

Queensrÿche (prononcé /ˈkwiːnzraɪk/) est un groupe de heavy metal progressif américain, originaire de Bellevue, Washington. Formé en 1982, le groupe est considéré comme l'un des pionniers du metal progressif : un mélange de heavy metal traditionnel et de rock progressif.
Queensrÿche fut le plus grand groupe à succès de la scène rock progressif, avec plus de 20 millions d'exemplaires vendus à travers le monde, soit 6 millions d'albums aux États-Unis. Le groupe est très bien accueilli pour son album Operation: Mindcrime (1989), souvent considéré comme l'un des meilleurs albums concept de tous les temps. Leur album suivant, Empire, commercialisé en 1990, se révèle également être un succès, et inclut le single Silent Lucidity. Le groupe est nommé trois fois aux Grammy Awards pour les chansons de ces deux albums ; Rockenfield est également nommé pour un Grammy hors de ses prestations avec Queensrÿche.
En 1997, le guitariste et principal auteur-compositeur, DeGarmo, quitte le groupe pour des raisons personnelles. Au fil des années, il est remplacé par Kelly Gray, Mike Stone, et Parker Lundgren, respectivement. À la suite d'une altercation médiatisée à São Paulo, au Brésil, en avril 2012, Tate est renvoyé du groupe et remplacé par le chanteur du groupe Crimson Glory, Todd La Torre. De ce fait, Tate et son épouse Susan (ancien manager du groupe entre 2005 et 2012) engagent une poursuite judiciaire à Washington. Un accord est trouvé, et les deux camps sont autorisés à utiliser le nom de Queensrÿche ; Tate fonde alors son propre line-up avec l'ancien guitariste Gray, et les membres d'autres groupes comme Blue Öyster Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Dio, AC/DC et Quiet Riot. Cette version de Queensrÿche avec Geoff Tate fait paraître un album, Frequency Unknown (en) le 23 avril 2013, tandis que la version de Queensrÿche avec Todd La Torre fait paraître leur album éponyme les 24 et 25 juin (dates européenne et américaine, respectivement). Les deux camps partent en tournée la même année, en 2013.

Queensrÿche /ˈkwnzrk/ is an American progressive heavy metal band formed in 1982 in Bellevue, Washington out of the local band The Mob. The band has released 14 studio albums, one EP and several DVDs, and continues to tour and record. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Geoff Tate, guitarists Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield.
Queensrÿche has been successful in the progressive scene, having sold over 20 million albums worldwide, including over 6 million albums in the United States. The band received worldwide acclaim after the release of their 1988 album Operation: Mindcrime, which is often considered one of the greatest concept albums of all time. Their follow-up release, Empire, released in 1990, was also very successful and included the hit single "Silent Lucidity". The band has received three Grammy Award nominations for songs off both albums. In the late 90s, drummer Rockenfield also received a Grammy nomination outside of Queensrÿche.
In 1997, guitarist and primary songwriter DeGarmo left the band for personal reasons. Over the years, his replacements have been Kelly Gray, Mike Stone, and Parker Lundgren, respectively. Following a highly publicized backstage altercation before a show in São Paulo, Brazil in April 2012, Tate was fired from the band and replaced with then-Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre. In response to his dismissal, Tate and his wife Susan (who served as the band's manager from 2005–2012) filed a lawsuit in a Washington court, claiming that he was wrongfully terminated. The ruling in the preliminary injunction was that both parties were allowed to use the name Queensrÿche until a court ruling or a settlement decides who gets to use the name. A settlement was reached on April 17, 2014, in which founding members Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson were awarded the rights to the band trademark, continuing to play with the lineup that additionally includes singer La Torre and guitarist Lundgren.
During the time both parties could use the name Queensrÿche, Tate created his own lineup featuring former guitarist Gray and musicians from bands including Blue Öyster Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Dio, AC/DC and Quiet Riot. This version of Queensrÿche with Geoff Tate released the album Frequency Unknown on 23 April 2013, while Queensrÿche (with La Torre replacing Tate) released their eponymous album on 24 and 25 June 2013 (European and American release date, respectively). Both bands toured in 2013 and 2014.

mercredi 12 août 2015

Lindsay Pagano - Everything U R

Interprète: Lindsay Pagano
Titre: Everything U R
Année: 2001

Lindsay Megan Pagano (born June 22, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American singer who until 2003 was signed to Warner Brothers Records. She toured with Dream Street and Aaron Carter for several months. She also performed for the governor of California along with The Eagles and The Backstreet Boys.
She is mostly known for her 2001 song "Everything U R", which was originally on an AOL commercial before being the theme song for the WB show Maybe It's Me. She was signed to represent Reebok. Pagano stated in a 2004 interview with Vainquer Teens Magazine that she was in the process of recording a new album, but did not release any new material until 2008.
She appeared as herself in the What's New, Scooby Doo? episode "Riva Ras Regas", originally aired on Cartoon Network on May 9, 2003. She performed three songs. In 2002, she became known as the AOL Girl due to her song being picked for their national commercials.
Pagano signed up as the first artist on The Matrix's label Let's Hear It Records, but the label closed before Pagano released any of her material.
Pagano is of Italian and Jewish descent. She resides in Philadelphia. In August 2007, Pagano was set to audition for American Idol. She won Fox television's Good Day Philadelphia "Philly Idol" competition, beating out hundreds of contestants for the top spot. She never made it past the first round.
In 2009, Pagano began to release new songs via YouTube. In 2014, she announced on Twitter that she auditioned for the sixth season of The Voice. Lindsay Pagano is now a member of The Heartbeats and she works at a doctor's office.

mardi 11 août 2015

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)

Interprète: Billy Ocean
Titre: Caribbean Queen ( No More Love On The Run)
Année: 1984
Palmarès: #11

Billy Ocean, de son vrai nom Leslie Sebastian Charles, est un chanteur de R&B anglais né à Trinité-et-Tobago le 21 janvier 1950.
Parmi ses titres les plus connus, on peut citer Caribbean Queen en 1984 ou When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going en 1986, qui fait partie de la bande originale du film Le Diamant du Nil. Il participe également à la musique du film License to Drive, sorti en 1988, avec le titre Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car.
Son tube Stay The Night a été utilisé comme échantillon pour le titre Easy Love de LADY1, qui a connu le succès à l'été 2000.

Billy Ocean (born Leslie Sebastian Charles; 21 January 1950) is an English recording artist who had a string of R&B international pop hits in the 1970s and 1980s. He was the most popular British R&B singer-songwriter of the early to mid-1980s. After scoring his first four UK Top 20 successes, seven years passed before he accumulated a series of transatlantic successes, including three U.S. number ones.[1] In 1985, Ocean won the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for his worldwide hit, "Caribbean Queen", and in 1987 was nominated for the Brit Award for Best British Male Artist.
In 2002, the University of Westminster, London, awarded Ocean an honorary doctorate of music. In 2010, Ocean was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the MOBO Awards. On 29 July 2011, Ocean became a Companion of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, presented to him by Sir Paul McCartney. He is a member of the Rastafari movement.

mercredi 5 août 2015

NAS - I Can

Interprète: NAS
Titre: I Can
Année: 2003

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones (/nɑːˈsɪər/; born September 14, 1973), better known as Nas /ˈnɑːz/, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas has released eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums and sold over 25 million records worldwide since 1994. He is also an entrepreneur through his own record label; he serves as associate publisher of Mass Appeal magazine and is the owner of a Fila sneaker store. He is currently signed to Def Jam Recordings and Mass Appeal Records.

His musical career began in 1991 when he was featured on Main Source's track "Live at the Barbeque". His debut album Illmatic, released in 1994, received universal acclaim from both critics and the hip hop community; it is frequently ranked as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. He did Illmatic‍ '​s "N.Y. State of Mind" in one take.
Nas' follow-up album, It Was Written, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, stayed on top for four consecutive weeks, went Platinum twice in only two months, and made Nas internationally known. From 2001 to 2005, Nas was involved in a highly publicized feud with rapper Jay-Z. In 2006, Nas signed to Def Jam. In 2010, he released a collaboration album with reggae artist Damian Marley, donating all royalties to charities active in Africa. His eleventh studio album, Life Is Good, was released in 2012, and was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.
Nas is often named as one of the greatest hip hop artists. MTV ranked him at number 5 on their list of The Greatest MCs of All Time. In 2012, The Source ranked him No. 2 on their list of the "Top 50 Lyricists of All Time". In 2013, Nas was ranked fourth on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game" list. In 2014, ranked him No. 1 on their list of the "50 Greatest MCs of All Time". He has five number-one albums on the Billboard 200, tying him with Eminem and Kanye West for second place among all-time rappers.

lundi 3 août 2015

M+M - Song In My Head

Interprète: M+M
Titre: Song In My Head
Année: 1986
Palmarès: #31

Martha and the Muffins are a Canadian new wave band, active from 1977 to the present. Although they only had one major international hit single (1980's "Echo Beach") under their original band name, they had a number of hits in their native Canada, and the core members of the band also charted in Canada and internationally as M + M.

vendredi 31 juillet 2015

Francis Lai - Skating In Central Park

Interprète: Francis Lai
Titre: Skating In Central Park
Année: 1971

Francis Lai, né à Nice le , est un compositeur et musicien français, spécialiste de musiques de films, de génériques et de chansons. Il est notamment l'auteur de la musique des films Un homme et une femme et Love Story, pour lequel il reçoit l'Oscar de la meilleure musique de film en 1970.

Francis Lai (French: [fʁɑ̃sis lɛ]; born 26 April 1932) is a French accordionist, and composer noted for his film scores.
While in his twenties, Francis Lai left home and went to Paris where he became part of the lively Montmartre music scene. In 1965 he met filmmaker Claude Lelouch and was hired to help write the score for the film A Man and a Woman. Released in 1966, the film was a major international success, earning a number of Academy Awards, and for the young Francis Lai, a Golden Globe Award nomination for "Best Original Score". This initial success brought more opportunities to work for the film industry both in his native France, where he continued to work with Lelouch on scores to films such as Vivre pour vivre (1967), Un Homme qui me plaît (1969), Le Voyou (1970) and La bonne année (1973), as well as in Great Britain and the United States. He is known for his support of Mireille Mathieu in many compositions and recordings. In 1970, he wrote the score for director René Clément's film, Rider On The Rain ("Le Passager de la Pluie"). It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc in September 1971.
In 1970 Francis Lai won the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Score and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score for the film Love Story. In the United States, the soundtrack album went to No. 2 in the Billboard album charts and the film's theme, "Where Do I Begin" was a hit single with lyrics by Carl Sigman for traditional pop singer Andy Williams. The song would also be recorded successfully by Lai himself with a full orchestra and by Henry Mancini and Shirley Bassey. Francis Lai also wrote the music for the 1978 Love Story sequel titled Oliver's Story.
His movie scores include films as diverse as Mayerling, Three into Two Won't Go, International Velvet, Édith et Marcel, and Michael Winner films such as I'll Never Forget What's'isname and Hannibal Brooks. Lai has also had success with music written for softcore erotic films like Emmanuelle 2 (1975) and Bilitis (1977). He earned high praise for the latter film's score and its sound-track sold over a million copies throughout the world.
His composition "Aujourd'hui C'est Toi" (Today it's You) is probably best known in the UK as the theme music for the long-running BBC television current affairs documentary series Panorama.
In a career spanning forty years, Lai has also written music for television programs and alone or in collaboration with others has composed music for more than one hundred films and has personally written more than six hundred songs. Notably, he penned the music for the Perry Como hit "I Think of You" (lyric by Rod McKuen).

Joshua Kadison - Beautiful In My Eyes

Interprète: Joshua Kadison
Titre: Beautiful In My Eyes
Année: 1994

Joshua Kadison (born February 8, 1963, Los Angeles, California) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and writer. He is perhaps best known for the Top 40 hits "Jessie" and "Beautiful in My Eyes" from his debut album Painted Desert Serenade. He is the son of the late actress Gloria Castillo, who was the inspiration behind his song "Mama's Arms."

jeudi 30 juillet 2015

Alan Jackson - Don't Rock The Jukebox

Interprète: Alan Jackson
Titre: Don't Rock The Jukebox
Année: 1991

Alan Eugene Jackson (né le 17 octobre 1958 à Newnan , Géorgie) est un chanteur américain de musique country ayant vendu plus de 50 millions de disques. Il est influencé par la country traditionnelle, et il est l'un des plus populaires dans ce genre, pendant les années 1990, mélangeant le honky tonk et les sonorités country classiques. Il a composé lui-même plusieurs de ses succès. Dans sa carrière, il a enregistré une vingtaine d'albums et plusieurs compilations, tous sous le label Arista Nashville. Plus de 50 de ses singles ont atteint le Top 30 (dans la catégorie country) selon le classement du magazine Billboard, dont 25 ont atteint la première place. Il a reçu de nombreuses récompenses dans le domaine de la musique country. Il participe également au programme Grand Ole Opry, et a été intronisé au Georgia Music Hall of Fame en 2001.
Alan Eugene Jackson (born October 17, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter and musician, known for blending traditional honky tonk and mainstream country sounds and penning many of his own hits. He has recorded 15 studio albums, three Greatest Hits albums, two Christmas albums, two Gospel albums and several compilations.
Jackson has sold over 80 million records worldwide, with more than 50 of his singles having appeared on Billboard's list of the "Top 30 Country Songs". Of Jackson's entries, 35 were number-one hits, with 50 in the Top 10. He is the recipient of 2 Grammys, 16 CMA Awards, 17 ACM Awards and nominee of multiple other awards. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2001.
In August, 2014 the Country Music Hall of Fame opened an exhibit celebrating Jackson’s 25 years in the music industry. It was also announced that he was an artist in residency as well, performing shows on October 8 and 22. The exhibit highlights the different milestones in his career with memorabilia collected over the years. His 25th Anniversary "Keeping It Country" Tour began January 8, 2015, in Estero, FL.

Ideal - Get Gone

Interprète: Ideal
Titre: Get Gone
Année: 1999

Ideal is an American R&B quartet from Houston, Texas, United States. The group Ideal debuted in 1999 and is composed of brothers Maverick Cotton and Swab, their cousin PZ and high school friend J-Dante. The group is best known for its hit songs "Get Gone" and "Whatever."

Hall & Oates - Sara Smile

Interprète: Hall & Oates
Titre: Sara Smile
Année: 1976
Palmarès: #12

Hall and Oates ou Daryl Hall and John Oates est un duo pop américain formé en 1972 par Daryl Hall et John Oates. Il a connu le succès à la fin des années 1970 et durant la première moitié des années 1980. Hall comme Oates chantent et utilisent des instruments au sein du groupe. Ils se sont spécialisés dans un style, fusion du rock 'n' roll et du rhythm and blues, qu’ils ont surnommé le « rock and soul ».
Les critiques Stephen Thomas Erlewine et J. Scott McClintock écrivent que « les meilleures chansons de Hall & Oates étaient remplies d’accroches et de mélodies solides qui suivaient les traditions de la soul sans en être l’esclave en intégrant des éléments new wave et hard rock ». Durant certaines tournées et concerts, des musiciens de soul et de blues reconnus ont joué au sein du groupe. Alors que la réputation du duo est due à sa série de succès dans les classements pop dans les années 1980, Hall & Oates est aussi reconnu pour sa capacité à croiser les frontières de plusieurs styles.
Leur « appropriation naturelle et accrocheuse de la soul de Philadelphie leur fit connaitre un énorme succès commercial » dans les années 1970 et 1980 aux États-Unis. Le groupe est surtout connu pour ses six succès numéro un dans le Billboard Hot 100 : Rich Girl, Kiss on My List, Private Eyes, I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do), Out of Touch et Maneater, leur titre-phare sorti en 1982, de même que bien d’autres titres qui ont figuré dans le Top 40 pop américain. Ils l’atteignirent pour la dernière fois en 1990, et lentement le public se détourna du groupe, bien que formellement celui-ci ne se soit pas séparé ; il a continué à enregistrer et à partir en tournée.
Au total, le groupe a eu 34 simples dans les classements du Billboard Hot 100 américain. Hall & Oates remporta sept disques de platine certifiés par la Recording Industry Association of America, ainsi que six disques d’or. Une compilation des meilleurs titres sortis en 2001 sous le label RCA. En 2003, Hall et Oates ont intégré le Songwriters Hall of Fame. Billboard Magazine plaça Hall & Oates à la 15e place sur leur liste des 100 plus grands artistes de tous les temps, et premier dans leur classement des duos. VH1 mit le groupe à la 99e place sur sa liste des 100 plus grands artistes de tous les temps.
Daryl Hall and John Oates, known more commonly as Hall & Oates, are an American musical duo from Philadelphia.
Daryl Hall is generally the lead vocalist of the pairing, and also plays a wide range of musical instruments. John Oates also plays a range of instruments, but primarily plays electric guitar and provides backing vocals as well as occasional leads. The two also write most of the songs they perform, either separately or in collaboration. They achieved their greatest fame from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s with a fusion of rock and roll and rhythm and blues, which they dubbed "rock and soul". Critics Stephen Thomas Erlewine and J. Scott McClintock write, "at their best, Hall & Oates' songs were filled with strong hooks and melodies that adhered to soul traditions without being a slave to them by incorporating elements of new wave." While much of their reputation is due to the sustained pop-chart run in the 1980s, they continue to record and tour, and remain respected by various artists for their ability to cross stylistic boundaries.
They are best known for their six No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100: "Rich Girl", "Kiss on My List", "Private Eyes", "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)", "Maneater", and "Out of Touch", as well as many other songs which charted in the Top 40. In total, they had 34 chart hits on the US Billboard Hot 100, seven RIAA platinum albums, and six RIAA gold albums. Because of that chart success, Billboard magazine named them the most successful duo of the rock era, surpassing The Everly Brothers.
In 2003, Hall and Oates were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Billboard magazine had Hall & Oates at No. 15 on their list of the 100 greatest artists of all time and the No. 1 duo, while VH1 placed the duo as No. 99 on their list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2014.